2012 RT10 High CO2 outlet HP stripper

It is well known that the High Pressure CO2 Stripper efficiency in a urea plant is defined by the ammonia content in the liquid bottom outlet. The ratio NH3/CO2 in the bottom outlet is determined by equilibrium equations. This topic experiences a problem with a relatively high CO2 content. Several possible causes are explored. One cause could be that CO2 slips through with the liquid bottom outlet due to a defective level measurement in the stripper bottom. Measuring the liquid level is not an easy task due to the corrosive nature and the crystallisation risks present. Sometimes a delta-P level transmitter is applied with flushes in its legs which is not a reliable option. Radio-active level measurements are used many times but still safety risks, complicated calibrating procedures, limited lifetimes and maintenance costs are significant concerns. The Radar level measurement developed by Stamicarbon offers a new and reliable solution.

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