2012 Idrees Engro N&S Operating Experience of the World’s Largest Single-Train Urea Complex

Engro Fertilizers Ltd. and Saipem have successfully started up the world largest single stream Urea complex, located in Daharki (Pakistan), at the end of year 2010, setting up a new world record of urea capacity of 3,835 MTPD. The key factor for the successful completion of EnVen 1.3 (Engro Ventures – 1.3 Million Ton per Year) challenging project was the fruitful combination of technology, engineering and project management competences of Saipem, which acted in the dual role of Ammonia – Urea Technologies provider and of EPS ( Engineering Procurement Supervision) Contractor, together with the broad operational experience of Engro, acquired over the last four decades of activity.
The result is turning into reality the first 4,000 MTPD new generation urea complex in a single line.
This paper will present the results of the start-up achievements and of the successful performance of the first year of operations. This plant now represents the new benchmark in size and performance for urea plants world-wide and a fundamental step in Saipem’s ambitious plans to build the “jumbo” single line Urea Train, on the basis of a design already available, with production capacities which will exceed 5,000 MTPD.
This paper is presented at the Nitrogen & Syngas Conference 2012 in Athens.

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