2012 08 Boreal Laser NH3 Safety in Nitrogen Operations

Boreal Laser of Canada is a leading manufacturer and innovator of laser based gas detectors and analyzers. Working with many of the world’s largest industrial users and best research organizations, Boreal Laser’s GasFinder technology has been proven in numerous safety, environmental and process control applications. Boreal products are robust, reliable and low maintenance and are relied on in numerous safety critical applications in a wide range of industries.
With hundreds of installations in over 40 countries worldwide, Boreal Laser is recognized as the industry leader in open path laser based gas detection.
A nitrogen facility’s primary activities consist of manufacturing nitrogen based chemicals. These substances include both anhydrous as well as aqueous ammonia. Anhydrous ammonia is a manufactured product, as well as a feedstock chemical in the urea production process. Aqueous ammonia is a by-product of the urea production process.
Ammonia is a dangerous chemical and the effects of exposure can range from mild irritation to death, depending on the concentration and length of time of exposure. Reliable and early detection of fugitive ammonia releases is vital in a nitrogen plant as are ammonia, nitric acid and ammonium nitrate in a urea plant. Anhydrous ammonia distribution terminals are another example of critical facilities, which need proper safety management practices. 
Boreal Laser has developed state of the art ammonia detection monitoring techniques that offer one second response per channel, are self calibrating, use no consumables, require minimal maintenance and exhibit no cross interferences with other gasses. Boreal Laser ammonia monitors are not affected by heat, cold or rapid temperature changes and can monitor for ammonia releases over large areas. These unique features make the Boreal Laser ammonia detectors perfect for monitoring ammonia emission sources such as ammonia compressors, pumps, storage vessels and terminals. Boreal Laser equipment is also ideal for monitoring ammonia emissions along fence lines.

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