2012 07 Richter BHDT Cherepovets Russia Site Services

Early 2012, BHDT Service has provided Welding and Installation Services at the new Urea Plant of Cherepovets in Russia.
The Stamicarbon CO2 stripping PoolReactor urea plant has a design capacity of 1500 mtpd and Engineering and Procurement is performed by Chemoprojekt, Czech Republic. Construction activities are performed by local companies.
The protection alloy in the complete high pressure synthesis section is Safurex® including all High Pressure pipelines and High Pressure control and manual valves. Safurex® is a super duplex material developed by Sandvik Materials Technology and Stamicarbon and offers several significant advantages above the traditional austenitic stainless steels. 
BHDT realised the completion of all 189 welds within the agreed time and with a 100% failure free score assuring Cherepovets of a Safe and Reliable High Pressure Piping System. This has increased BHDT’s track record to 420 100% failure free Safurex site welds !

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