2012 03 de Rijk EST Group Pop A Plug in NH3 plants

EST Group has further developed it’s POP-A-PLUG® system (a mechanical tube plug to seal leaking or degraded high pressure heat exchanger tubes widely used in the Nuclear and Fossil Power Generation industry) for use in Ammonia plants.
It provides a fast and simple way to install a mechanical tube plug with installed stability better than a welded plug. In Ammonia plants it is common knowledge that welded plugs in high pressure service are prone to leaking problems due to stress cracking as the proper quality of the welds is difficult to assure. Moreover welded plugs require time consuming pre-heat and post weld heat treatment which can be eliminated by utilizing POP-A-PLUG®’s for repair.
The POP-A-PLUG® successfully passed all qualification tests. And based upon the successful testing, the client has standardized the use of POP-A-PLUG®’s in their Ammonia plant heat exchangers. As a direct result significant reductions in the overall repair time will be accomplished as the POP-APLUG®’s can be installed in a matter of hours compared to several days while at the same time a more reliable solution will be realized.

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