2012 01 Lizhi BlueChemical Operational Management for HP Equipment in urea plants

The modified CO2 stripping process of Stamicarbon is adopted in the Phase II urea plants of China BlueChemical Ltd. The operation conditions of High Pressure (HP) equipment, the most important equipment items of a urea plant, have a direct influence on the safety and reliability of the complete plant. In the early operation period, the lining of the HP stripper had the problem of accelerated corrosion, and the problem was controlled after treatment. As safety receives more and more attention in recent years, especially after 3.21 urea converter explosion accident of Luxi Chemical Group Co., Ltd., we have further strengthened the safety management for the operation of HP equipment in an effort to ensure that the corrosion rate of equipment is within the design range and the equipment operates safely and reliable. This paper discusses the management method on safety and operation of high pressure equipment according to operation characteristics and conditions of process units in recent years.

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