2011 Yara 3733 ABC of Mineral Fertilizers

After soil and water, mineral fertilizer is the most important factor in providing food for a growing world population. The world’s demand for food and consequently for fertilizers will increase in the years to come. Yara encourages Best Fertilizer Practice through developing comprehensive information on usage and application. 
This work book has been produced to give a clearer understanding of what fertilizers are, the role they play in the growth of the crop, how they are used and how we all can benefit from them. 
It has been designed in a way which will help you learn the facts contained within it. From time to time you will be asked to answer questions to make sure you understand the material you have read. Your answers should be written in the space provided. Correct answers are given on pages 27 and 28.
This work book has introduced some of the most important issues related to NPK fertilizers. Many of the examples can be adapted to meet the needs of specific markets. More detailed information on the topics covered in this book can be found in Yara’s publication ‘Agriculture, Fertilizers and the Environment’ ISBN 0 85199 385 3. 
The book covers all aspects of fertilizer use including alternative nutrient systems. Further information on the subject of Fertilizers and the Environment can be found in the Yara publication ‘Important Questions about Fertilizers and the Environment” or on the UK website – www.yara.co.uk

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