2011 Singh NFL An Approach to Zero Liquid Efflluent Discharge and Sustainable Environment

For a developing country like India, problem of pollution control has become a very complex issue due to conflicting needs of improved standard of living on one side and maintaining ecological balance on the other side. On one hand , there is a growing need of improving the bottom line of an industry and on the other hand, there are environmental issues affecting the capital spending.

ln National Fertilizers Limited, Nangal Unlit, there has been a paradigm shift in the approach to address the environment issues.
At the heart of this approach is the idea that pollution is a waste and its prevention may have economic as well as environmental benefits. NFL, Nangal Unit, situated on the bank of River Sutlej and operating an Ammonia-Urea-Nitric Acid complex, has adopted 3 Rs approach ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ and has succeeded in becoming the Zero Effluent Discharge plant.

Various pollution control facilities viz replacement of 2 nos. rnechanical type ash separators with 2 nos. high capacity ESPs in the flue gas path of the coal fired boiler nos. 1,2 & 3 in SGP, Thermal Hydrolyser Stripper section in Urea Plant, NOx Abatement Plant in the NA Plant, Dry Fly Ash Collection System in SGP etc. have been adopted at Nangal, which have paid off not only in terms of reduced emission of pollutants to air and water but have given the rmonitory gains also.


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