2011 Raghunathan PIC PIC zero ammonia emission project – A Novel Idea

Petrochemical Industries Company (PIC), Kuwait has implemented an environment friendly project titled “Zero Ammonia Emission Project” to eliminate gaseous ammonia pollution in its Urea Plants caused by both continuous and discontinuous emission sources. The discontinuous ammonia emission sources are ammonia handling emergency relief devices (PSV/Rupture Disc/Emergency Vents). A huge quantity of ammonia is vented within a short span of time during severe plant upset situations. Currently ammonia gases from these relief devices are disposed off directly to atmosphere through a stack venting at high elevation. In the new project, all these emergency relief devices are connected to a Flare System wherein the ammonia containing process gas is flared with the injection of Natural Gas as support gas. The continuous ammonia emission source is Urea Solution Storage Tank. The vent line of this tank is at present discharging to atmosphere. Ammonia emission from this source is a nuisance to plant operating staff due to high ground level concentration. It is eliminated by installing a absorber.

The major benefits of the project are:

• Pollution free working environment in the plants at all times

• Eliminating ammonia pollution in neighboring companies  

• Protection of environment


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