2011 Raghavan NFCL Experience in Implementing Responsible Case at NFCL

The proactive programme on “Responsible Care” (RC14001:2008) embodies the promise that long-term commitment and action to improve the Companys management of process, operations and chemicals is the best way to deal with the public’s widespread concern about chemicals and chemical operations. The aim is to give focus on those operations and activities that pose the highest level of potential risk and where most protection can be realised for the public. NFCL has chosen this Responsible Care programme implementation as a proactive approach and commitment to public at large. The existing EHS and Security Management systems will be further strengthened, which in turn help organization to reap the benefits in terms of reputation, business excellence and lncident-free atmosphere. The Guiding Principles of Responsible Care are performance objectives that encourage the company’s commitment, innovation and continual improvement. Individually, the codes identified the elements of good management and collectively they focused on improving performance across all stages of the manufacturing process.


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