2011 Niehues Uhde 2011-0064635 reducing aerosol emissions in urea granulation plant

The invention relates to a process for the granulation of a concentrated urea solution whereas the granulation produces a urea granulate and a dust laden air, which is then fed into a dust scrubber which removes the coarser dust with a less concentrated urea solution and which releases a residual air comprising air with ammonia, carbon dioxide water and an aerosol comprising mainly ammonium isocyanate and a part of very fine urea sublimate, whereas the aerosol is then separated off and fed into a isomerisation unit which comprises a stripping where the ammonium isocyanate reacts with steam to form urea which is then redirected into the dust scrubber as a less concentrated urea solution, and the residual air is directed into an acidic scrubber which releases clean air into the atmosphere which finally leads to a recycling of the aerosol of ammonium isocyanate into urea. The invention also relates to a device for carrying out the related process.

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