2011 Anderzhanov NIIK Novel Large Scale Energy Efficient Technology for Urea Production

Presently R&D INSTITUTE OF UREA has two proprietary technologies in grass‐root construction and revamping of urea plants. The first technology URECON 2006 ® is an improved total liquid recycle process for small‐scale urea plants. URECON 2006 ® is aimed at construction of a small‐scale urea unit in case when a small excess of ammonia can be used for production of urea. The second one URECON 2007 ® is an improved CO2 stripping process for grass‐root construction of urea plants with capacity over 1000 TPD. The critical equipment of URECON 2006 ® technology was numerously used for revamps of urea plants with TLR, capacities 300‐500 TPD. Besides that, our specialists performed a front‐end engineering of a urea plant with capacity of 600 TPD. Speaking about URECON 2007 ® technology, the key section of the technology is HP synthesis section. Due to the PFD including a submerged condenser, patented by R&D INSTITUTE OF UREA, the synthesis section operates more efficiently as compared to the conventional CO2 stripping process. Notwithstanding the fact that URECON 2007 ® can be used for grass‐root construction of urea plants, we are mostly promoting it as a revamping concept. The technology can help to increase the capacity of a urea plant with conventional CO2 stripping process by 50 %. If the MP section is added to the PFD the capacity can be increased twice (for example, from 1000 TPD up to 2000 TPD). 


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