2011 Alazmi PIC PIC efforts in Energy Optimization

The prices of the natural gas increased sharply in the last five years which affected the Ammonia & Urea production costs as the NG is the main raw material in producing Ammonia. NG is used as process gas & fuel for the primary reformer & steam boilers. PIC formed an energy optimization committee to improve the energy consumption in the fertilizer plants. External energy audit was conducted by consultant on PIC fertilizer plants. 53 opportunities for energy saving were highlighted as a result of the audit. The committee studied the feasibility of these opportunities & implemented 25 feasible schemes. The implemented schemes were monitored for one year to ensure that the achievements are sustained & to evaluate the actual saving. The energy optimization committee established a program includes the following:-

o Setting yearly objectives.

o Establishing internal energy audit program.

o Conducting brainstorming sessions to initiate new opportunities.

o Following up & implementing the new opportunities.

o Monitoring the actual saving of the implemented opportunities.

o Conducting awareness sessions.

o Monitoring, analyzing & controlling the consumption figures. (Zero steam leaks,…).

o Raising opportunities as 6 sigma projects. 

The total annual saving was 3.8 MMUSD. The total energy consumption was reduced by 10% in one of the Ammonia plants during the last three years. Utilizing the natural gas condensate of natural gas compressors as fuel gas to the boilers instead of flaring it is an example for one of the implemented energy opportunity.


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