2011 Al-Qahtani SABIC Successful commissioning of Urea Granulator Ammonia Abatement project

SAFCO/IBB complex having 4 Urea plants. From the granulator stack along with exit air ammonia is emitted in the range of about 200 PPM. As a proactive approach for environment protection and sustainable development, SAFCO decided to implement Urea Granulator Ammonia Abatement (UGAA) project for all four (4) Urea Granulators (although Ammonia emissions from urea granulators are within Royal Commission Specified Limit). In Urea Granulator Ammonia Abatement (UGAA) project, additional acid scrubbers were installed using concentrated sulfuric acid as scrubbing medium to reduce Ammonia emissions from urea granulators. Ammonia Scrubbers are installed in Urea plants to scrub the exit ammonia by sulphuric acid. The resulting 10% ammonium sulphate solution is further concentrated to Ammonium sulphate granules as product from UGAA plant. This is the Best Available Technique (BAT) as per European Fertilizer Manufacturing Association (EFMA). The paper will describe the old arrangement of Urea granulator system, installation of acid scrubbing system, impact of Ammonia emission and Operating experience of Ammonia Sulphate Crystallization Unit.


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