2011 Al-Mohaws SABIC Urea dust and ammonia emission control from prilling tower

SABIC has committed itself to adopt the state of the art technology to be a pioneer in environmental sustainability. AlBayroni, one of SABIC Affiliates, owns Urea Plant which was commissioned in 1983. The plant is having a natural draught Prilling Tower with continuous emission of Urea Dust Particles and Ammonia to the atmosphere which was the latest technology at that time. As a strategic proactive approach AlBayroni has reduced the urea dust, ammonia emission and waste water discharge from Urea plant by implementing a prill tower dust recovery systems. The paper shares the experience of AlBayroni in achieving reduction in Urea dust and Ammonia emission exceeding international requirements/standards. The best available technology was adopted. The system mainly consists of acid wash scrubbers, and a crystallization unit to recover the absorbed materials. PROZAP Co. from Poland did the engineering work and supplied the proprietary equipment while GEA Messo Co. from Germany supplied the crystallization unit. In addition, this paper addresses the lessons learned during the execution of the project and judged to be of great value to plants who want to implement similar environmental projects.


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