2011 12 Gemaco Project Management

Urea and Nitric Acid plants are prone to various corrosion phenomena, sometimes combined with high temperature and high pressure; they require specific austenitic stainless steels meeting the right quality specifications.
Applying inferior materials seems attractive as it might be more easily available but this can lead to unacceptable safety risks and/or unplanned shut downs. The costs involved when these plants are out of operation are very high due to the large plant capacity sizes not even considering the impact on downstream production plants such as i.a. ammonium nitrate and melamine plants.
Gemaco has numerous proven records to supply the required materials with the right quality certificates within a short time. This is possible due to the large stock with qualified materials present at Gemaco facilities and Gemaco strong sourcing network and experience.
Gemaco also offers Technical & Logistic Support as well as Contractor Services for Maintenance, Revamp or Turnaround Projects. This can provide significant Added Value for nitric acid and urea producers, receiving the right material at the right place at the right time.

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