2010 Fan TSI S and the enhanced efficiency fertilizers

With the development of TSI’s S research program in Asia, more and more data collected from field trials have shown positive interactions between S and other plant nutrients and the effects of S based enhanced efficiency fertilizers on increasing fertilizer use efficiency. It indicates that, soil S deficiency reduces not only crop yield, but also the responses of crop to N and P applied, and consequently the efficiency and profitability from their use. Inclusion of S into fertilizer recommendation systems and new high efficiency fertilizer products is essential for efficient utilization of applied N and P, and of great practical importance in modern agricultural production for high sustainable yields and high economic return. Sulphur based enhanced efficiency fertilizers are also the most popular component /additives to compound fertilizers for development of slow-release/controlled-release fertilizers. With an effective balanced fertilization program and the application of enhanced efficiency fertilizers, Asia will not only significantly increase crop production, but also improve fertilizer use efficiency, reducing agricultural costs and potential environmental impacts. 


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