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Urea and Nitric Acid plants are prone to various corrosion phenomena and on stream times of these plants can be endangered in case no spare parts or replacement materials are readily available. The costs involved when these plants are out of operation are very high due to the large plant capacity sizes and not even considering the impact on downstream production plants such as for example ammonium nitrate plants.
Urea and Nitric Acid plants require austenitic stainless steels of specific quality. Experience has proven that the chemical substances involved in these processes together with the applied pressures and temperature require stainless steels which fulfill strict specifications. In some situations applying inferior materials seems attractive as it might be more easily available but this can lead to unacceptable safety risks and/or unplanned shut downs.
Urea and Nitric Acid plants require special attention:
* Special grades
* Special specifications
* Special expertise
* Special controls
* Flexibility, reactivity, reliability

Gemaco offers these services and is your single point responsibility for your next project, revamping, debottlenecking, refurbishment, repair or maintenance work.

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