2010 04 Baeder SPS UreaKnowHow.com Rotoformer applications

The Rotoform process offers high flexibility in urea production and offers opportunities to add additional value to your existing urea products against low investment and operational costs, low energy consumption, negligible emission figures and a premium product quality. One or more Rotoform units can be added in parallel to any existing finishing section at any time. The Rotoform process is a good technical and economical method of debottlenecking or revamping existing urea finishing sections, for example tom reduce dust and ammonia emissions. Furthermore, it is possible to add additional value to the product by producing urea technical urea or specialty fertilizers in a parallel line. All kind of different macro, secondary and micronutrients can be added to urea and easily and in a flexible way being produced in a Rotoformer. Urea with Sulphur, Ammonium Sulphate, Sulphur with bentonite and many other macro and micro nutrients can be produced at any required capacity, allowing you to offer your customers a flexible and customized product portfolio. For new grass root urea plants Rotoformer technology offers besides the significant advantages such as negligible emission figures and low investment and operational costs, also other advantages such as the Rotoformer is proven for urea applications, there is no risk for large scale applications as it is simply several units in parallel. The large scale application has been proven for Sulphur (46 units in parallel). One adds one or two units extra in parallel to enable regular maintenance of each unit and to assure an availability (on stream time) of 100% (365 days a year).





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