2009 Kargaeva NIIK Urea Production Technologies URECON Revamping and Grass-Root Construction

JSC “NIIK” -a reputable engineering company with about 60 years of experience on engineering services market dealing with urea and urea-based products offers state-of-the-art urea production technologies. Almost all the urea plants in Russia and FSU (many of them are more than 30 years in operation) have been revamped by JSC NIIK’s technology In the past years. Technical solutions for revampings developed by JSC NIIK’s specialists based on operational experience of urea plants and numerous researches are protected by international patents. JSC NIIK’s specialists have developed and patented two urea production technologies for revamping of existing urea plants and grass-root construction of the new ones. URECON-2006 ®-for plants with capacities upto 2000 tpd based on CO2 stripping process The key aspect of URECON 2006 ® technology Is only one HP unit -reactor equipped with a set of internal devices, compact flow chart of two-stage distillation with the units of original design. The key aspect of URECON 2007 ® is a reactor equipped with a set of internal devices, high-efficiency dispenser of stripper and submerged carbamate condenser. All the urea plants by JSC NIIK design comprise prllling towers. The proposed urea plants give high-quality products while feedstock and energy consumption is relatively low and secure environmental and industrial safety.


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