2009 Goin Ati Wah Chang In Plant Experiences with Omegabond

ATI Wah Chang’s OmegaBond® tubing has been subjected to numerous physical, mechanical, and chemical tests to demonstrate its robustness in high-pressure urea strippers and other applications. However, before it can gain wide acceptance by users, it must stand up to the most critical test from the perspective of potential end-users; how the tubing stands up in actual service. A trial tube and a welded tube sample were installed into an operating urea stripper in mid-2005. After one year of operation, the trial tube was inspected and part of the welded tube sample was removed for evaluation. The stripper was then restarted and operated for an additional 1-1/2 years, at which time the trial tube was re-inspected and the remainder of the sample was metallographically evaluated. Both the full-length tube and the sample performed very well in service. This paper examines the details of these evaluations, and discusses the suitability of the tubing in urea production.




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