2009 Bhatia Tata Debottlenecking of TATA Chemicals Fertiliser Complex and Brabala

Commissioned in December 1994, the fertiliser complex at Babrala is the “State of the Art” low energy process Ammonia and Urea plants. Recently, the Capacity enhancement Project (Project De-bottlenecking) was completed in a record time of 18 months with an investment of Rs 208 crore aimed at fine tuning and enhancing production capabilities. The increased growth of production draws impetus from the company’s commitment to provide high quality products for Its discerning customers. With this the production capability of the Babrala fertiliser increases from 8,64,600 MT to 11,55,000 MT per year. The capacity was enhanced with the minimum changes and / or additions in the plant, at the same time specific energy consumption was also kept in mind. After completion of Debottlenecklng, plant Is producing 3500 MTPD of Urea on a sustained basis at the average energy level of 5.14 Gcal/MT of Urea. This paper describes the major schemes implemented and shares the experience of Project and key learnings.


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