2009 11 Zarenezhad UreaKnowHow.com Caking Urea Prills

This month a Technical Paper about an important topic in urea industry: Caking.
Caking is a critical quality parameter for the storage behavior of the urea product. On the other hand it is not so easy to understand the influence of all different parameters on the caking tendency: temperature & temperature differences, moisture content & differences in moisture content, ammonia content, size distribution, amount of fines, strength parameters, wharehouse conditions etc all play their role.

Mr. ZareNezhad has written an excellent paper about Caking and has managed to quantify the influence of prill size distribution and temperature difference between prilled product and the wharehouse.

This paper is in my view further an excellent example of a successful co-operation between a University and a urea producer leading to several benefits for both sides.

Mr. Zarenezhad’s paper has been published in the Bulgarian Journal of the University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy as you can see and we have received Mr. ZareNezhad’s approval to distribute his paper via UreaKnowHow.com.

This will be the first paper of more to come discussing caking of the urea product.


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