2009 07 Wang & Brouwer UreaKnowHow ABC Fertilizer Outdated or Innovative

This paper describes one of the oldest nitrogen fertilizers: ABC or Ammonium BiCarbonate. More than 500 plants in China already produce ABC, which is mainly used as fertilizer. In these plants ABC is a byproduct of the main product ammonia.
The major drawbacks of ABC is its volatility at higher temperatures and  its hygroscopic behavior which troubles the application in powder form.
Although ABC has these drawbacks it is still produced in large amounts probably due to its low cost price. Further there are some developments to increase the efficiency of ABC.
ABC is also used in other applications like food, fire extinguishers and in the manufacture of porous plastics, ceramics, dyes, and pigments.
Furthermore ABC is able to act as a CO2 sequestrator: ABC is namely formed when flue gases are scrubbed with ammonia. And when both the CO2 and NH3 would be consumed in the photosynthesis process, one would be able to contribute to solve the global warming process.



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