2008 Morikawa TEC IFA ACES21 Advanced Urea Production Technology

During its more than 40 years of operations since its founding in 1961, Toyo Engineering Corporation (Toyo) has been playing a leading role in urea process development and plant engineering on the global stage. Toyo provides the solutions for urea plants that meet the demands of its clients through the entire lifecycle of their activities, utilizing its technical capabilities and abundant experience and accomplishments as an engineering contractor. Using its own expertise, advanced technology and new thinking, Toyo has established the ACES21TM Process, which achieves energy saving and plant cost reduction without sacrificing high performance and high efficiency of urea plant. ACES means “Advanced process for Cost and Energy Saving” urea production and ACES21TM has been developed together with P.T. Pupuk Sriwidjaja (PUSRI) of Indonesia as an advanced version of ACES Process.

A major feature of this technology is that it reduces the number of equipment in the urea synthesis loop to simplify the system. This lessens construction costs with the installation of the reactor on the ground in CO2 stripping process. In addition, the operation conditions of synthesis section have been optimized under lower operation pressure than in the previous  process. As a result, a remarkable reduction in energy consumption has been achieved. The feature of energy saving demonstrated in the reference plants contributes to reduction of CO2 emission as a greenhouse gas (GHG) from urea fertilizer complex. Toyo desires to contribute to sustainable growth of nitrogen fertilizer industry with cleaner environment, by continually improving its urea technologies.



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