2008 Mohandis GPIC Bimetallic stripper problems

GPIC adopts Innovative Design to Combat Corrosion in Urea Stripper.
In Urea Plant, extreme conditions of corrosion exist in the HP Urea Stripper due to the presence of Ammonia and Carbon Dioxide at a pressure of 145 bar and a temperature greater than 204 deg C. High Alloy Steel is used to counter the corrosion. At Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company, Bahrain (GPIC), the Urea Stripper that has been installed is designed with material capable of withstanding highly corrosive conditions.
However, lately the Urea Stripper is showing signs of corrosion. As a proactive measure, GPIC adopted an innovative design for the Urea Stripper employing highly corrosive resistant bimetallic tube material.
The new Urea Stripper will be installed in Turnaround 2009. This is an outstanding improvement and is expected to be the ultimate answer to the corrosion problems in HP Urea Stripper throughout the world.
This article describes the problems faced in Snamprogetti Urea Strippers in plants of Snamprogetti design and how it shall be successfully addressed in GPIC.


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