2007 Laubner MBA AFA Case Study: Safety Optimization in the Fertiliser Industry

In competitive fertiliser manufacturing markets, a robust safety mechanism has advantages both market-facing and internal. Consumers prefer doing business with safety-conscious companies, and workers prefer organizations that look out for their wellbeing.
Our work with orgainsations across industry also show that companies good at safety tend to be good at other business objectives. Good safety is simply good business.
This paper looks at one of the most robust and popular approaches to safety improvement in recent years: behavior-based safety (BBS). Drawing on our experience implementing this approach at more than 2,000 client sites, we present the key elements of an employee-engagement approach to safety, where it fits within an overall safety improvement structure, how to optimize results through alignment and engagement of the various levels in an organization, and presents a case study of a client using this comprehensive approach.


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