2006 Terra Urea and Urea Solution STORAGE, HANDLING AND DILUTION

Terra urea solution, or liquor, is a manufactured product of urea mixed with pure water. It contains low concentrations of biuret and free ammonia and may contain parts per million concentrations of other compounds listed in the product specification.
Terra urea solutions can be ordered in quantities ranging from approximately 18 tons (4,000 gallons) to 25 tons (5,200 gallons), which are delivered by tank truck in concentrations up to 70%.
These products are of the highest quality and are made at production facilities located in Courtright, Ontario; Sergeant Bluff, Iowa; Yazoo City, Mississippi; and Woodward, Oklahoma. Security of supply goes hand-in hand with first-rate technical support acquired from more than 50 years’ experience in the nitrogen business. This experience allows Terra to offer our
customers seasoned technical support, covering areas such as equipment installation, choice and design; equipment maintenance and inspection services; employee training; and regulatory compliance pertaining to environmental controls, and safety and emergency response procedures.



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