2004 Yang CNOOC IFA Construction of CNOOC Fertilizers Complex

On September 30, 2003 a state-of-art fertilizer facility started up to produce high quality granular urea in the Oriental Industrial Development Zone of Hainan Province. This beautiful and environment-friendly ammonia/urea complex would produce 450,000 tons of ammonia and 800,000 tons of urea per year at very low energy consumption and is a milestone project for CNOOC’s efforts to integrate the upstream and downstream industries.
CNOOC Chemicals Co. Ltd assumed full responsibility of the overall project management; a US company, Kellogg Brown & Root, was the contractor of ammonia and urea production installations; and Chengda Engineering Corporation of China was responsible for the overall designing of the complex and its public utilities and subsidiary facilities together with the detailed engineering design of the production installations.


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