2004 On-farm experiences of using urea-based nitrogen fertilisers

Face-to-face interviews were carried out in November 2003 with 8 farmers covering arable, mixed and intensive grass enterprises across England who are using, or have used, urea as their main source of nitrogen fertiliser. All farms were found to be successfully using urea in either solid or liquid form, and although there were both advantages and disadvantages identified compared to use of AN, the farmers had either found solutions to problems or did not regard them as significant. However, the results of the study must be treated with some caution since only few farms were included and most were convinced users of urea and unlikely to be self critical. However, many useful comments and perceptions were noted, most of which are relevant to the NT26 issue. The absence of adverse comments from this study does not mean that these or other problems will be absent from all UK farms.


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