2004 Kernberger SBN Fabrication of Safurex PoolCondenser

During the Stamicarbon Urea Symposium in 1996, the Urea2000PlusTM  process was presented featuring – amongst others – the Pool Condenser technology. At that time, one Pool Condenser already had been in operation successfully for two years and a Pool Reactor project was on its way. At the same occasion the novel austenitic-ferritic material Safurex® was introduced for the first time. Since then, both Pool Condenser technology and Safurex® have become standard features of the Stamicarbon Urea2000PlusTM process. 
Several plants are now in operation using Pool Condenser with conventional austenitic material for corrosion protection. The same is true for Safurex® where more than 10 HP Strippers or HP Carbamate Condensers made in Safurex® are now in operation. The first replacement unit was installed in 1999 and has been in service successfully now for almost 5 years.
It was only natural that Stamicarbon wanted to combine the two and succeeded in doing so in 2001 when the first Pool Condenser with Safurex® as corrosion resistant material was specified for one new large capacity urea plant.
This paper describes the implementation of this novel concept and highlights the special features of this particular project.


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