2002 Inspection Manual Fertilizers Industry

The Egyptian Pollution Abatement Project (EPAP) sponsored by FINIDA has assigned Finnish and Egyptian consultants for the task of developing sector-specific inspection and monitoring guidelines.

A General Inspection Manual, GIM, has been developed covering inspection aspects common to all sectors. The manual:

• Discusses the strategy, objectives and tasks of the inspectorate management.

• Identifies the team leader responsibilities and tasks.

• Presents a methodology for performing all types of inspection. Tasks during the various phases of planning, performing field inspection, report preparation and follow-up are discussed. Several checklists are included.

Sector specific inspection manuals have been developed for the following industries:

• Textile industry

• Pulp and paper industry

• Food industry

– Grain milling industry

– Dairy industry

– Carbonated beverages industry

– Confectionery industry

– Fruits and vegetables industry Metallurgical industry Fabricated metal industry Motor vehicle assembly

The developed manuals were tested through a number of training programs that targeted RBOs and EMUs.

The inspectors involved in the training used these manuals to inspect a number of industrial facilities. Feedback from the concerned parties led to the improvement of these manuals and their continuous update.


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