2002 IFA Rashid 4 bar absorber system

Environment: Installation of 4-Bar Absorber System and how the release of ammonia and CO2 to atmosphere has been greatly reduced.
FERTIL Management is committed to safeguarding the environment, health and safety of the employees and the property in accordance with ADNOC HSE guidelines and regulations.
The urea plant was venting about 8 MT/day of ammonia and 18 MT/day of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Although, emissions were as per the technology available at the time of the plant design, it was considered to be air polluting. To control this emission, the 4-Bar absorber project was implemented in 2001.
The urea plant air emissions are now even better than the standard set by the European Fertilizer Manufacturer’s Association for new urea plants.
The total cost of the project was 1.2 million US dollars. Besides improving the environment, it has also resulted in the following benefits:
–  Recovery of more than 3,000 MT per year of ammonia, and 6,500 MT per year of carbon dioxide.
–  Economic benefit of about 0.5 million US dollars per year, which results into a payback period of less than 3 years.

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