2002 Chu KT Process Technology of Urea-based NPK

Urea is a major source of nitrogen, especially in Asia, and the tendency today is to increase its use in compound fertilizers. However its introduction in a NPK process usually results in a significant decrease in production quantity and quality (poor crushing strength,) as well as numerous operating problems (plugging, screen blinding).
Kaltenbach Thu?ring (KT) has developed its own granulation process, which is adapted for high urea ratio in NPK granulation. KT has already designed five such plants in Asia, and the largest one, Zhongyuan Dahua, is already in operation. The design capacity is 300 000 MTPY and a second identical line inparallel is already scheduled.
This process is especially convenient for any urea producer who would like to diversify its activities into the production of complex fertilizers.
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