2001 Khan Rapid risk assessment of a fertilizer plant (ammonia-urea-NPK)

A computer-automated tool TORAP, developed recently by us, has been applied to conduct an illustrative risk assessment of a typical fertilizer plant. Hazardous units have been identified and elaborate scenarios have been generated of the accidents likely in these units. The consequences of the accidents, in terms of the damage to life and property that they may cause directly as well as the likelihood of causing secondary and higher-order accidents (domino effect), have also been studied.
Apart from demonstrating the applicability of TORAP, these studies reveal the nature and size of several major hazards existing in a typical fertilizer plant. The studies also, indirectly, highlight the lack of seriousness with which such hazards are normally perceived, and emphasize the need for a thorough reassessment of the risk posed by such industries.

Refer to: 2001 Elsevier Science Ltd. All rights reserved.

Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries 14 (2001) 413–427


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