2000 El-Salahy Abu Qir IFA Abu Qir Fertilizer Experience in Conservation and Recycling of the Wat

The Abu Qir Fertilizer Experience in Conservation and Recycling of the Water In Two Sites:
A – Cooling Water System.
B – Production of Demineralized Water for Steam Generation.
The Abu Qir Fertilizers Company has one of the largest nitrogen fertilizer production complexes in the Middle East. It was established in 1975 as a joint stock company. The Company comprises of three plants producing a total daily output of 6.000 mt. Data for each of the process plants are summarized in Table 1. Abu Qir Fertilizer dominates the domestic market with a share of 70% and in addition has vast export potential to international markets.
The water treatment has an important role for supplying the process units with cooling water and boiler feed water for steam generation.
In this paper we will explain Abu Qir’s experience in recycling, reusing and conservation of the water in two sites:
1st) The cooling system
2nd) The production of demineralized water for steam generation



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