1998 Orphanides IFA Saskferco Urea Plant Revamping

The Saskferco urea plant has a design capacity of 2000 MTPD based on Stamicarbon-H/A process. The plant operates since 1992 at 116% design capacity. In 1996, it has been decided and agreed with Stamicarbon & H/A to redesign the urea plant for a guaranteed capacity increase to 2850 MTD.

The paper will describe the revamping work:

1. Booster of the suction of the CO2 compressor

2. Modification of the conventional urea reactor trays

3. Parallel stripper

4. Parallel rectification column

5. Additional evaporator

6. Modification of carbamate pumps

7. Modification of granulator

8. New F.B.C.

9. New scrubber

10. Added screens

The revamping work has been completed during the September 97 turnaround of the plant. The obtained results will be also presented.


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