1996 Kangas Sandvik 5582656 Ferritic austenitic stainless steel

A duplex stainless steel alloy has been provided which contains in % by weight:
-C  max.0.05
-Si max. 0.8
-Mn 0.3-4
-Cr 28-35
-Ni 3-10
-Mo 1.0-4.0
-N  0.2-0.6
-Cu max. 1.0
-W  max.2.0
-S  max 0.010
-Ce 0-0.2
the remainder being Fe and normally occurring impurities and additives. The ferrite content is 30-70% by volume,balance austenite. The steel alloy is very suitable in the environments that exist at the production of urea, in which it may advantageously replace the austenitic steels used so far.
This duplex is also called Safurex


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