1994 Shamrani Safco fluid bed experience

Saudi Arabian Fertilizer Company (SAFCO) operates two urea complexes in Saudi Arabia. SAFCO’s Dammam plant was commissioned in 1969 and is designed to produce 330,000 tons/year of prilled urea. SAFCO’s other plant in Jubail has gone into commercial production recently in March 1994 and is designed for 600,000 tons/year of granular urea. The new plant is designed on Stamicarbon’s urea process with Hydro Agri’s fluidized bed granulation process. The granular urea product from SAFCO’s new plant is generally better than prilled urea in terms of quality and handling. Moreover, the caking problems usually associated with prilled product is overcome to a large extent. The following table shows comparative advantages of using granular urea.


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