1989 Shirley Pursell 4857098 Sulfur Coated Fertilizer

Sulfur coated plant fertilizer granules, each such granule including a core granule of fertilizer having a crystalline component, a bonding layer having a mixture of the fertilizer granule crystalline component and crystalline sulfur, coating the granule, the bonding layer crystalline fertilizer component being integral with the fertilizer granule crystalline component at the bonding layer-granule interface, and an outer layer of sulfur having crystallized sulfur, the outer layer sulfur being integral with the bonding layer sulfur at the bonding layer-outer layer interface, the crystalline fertilizer component of the bonding layer and the sulfur of the bonding layer being interwoven, enabling the sulfur outer layer to be tightly bound to the fertilizer granule. A method for producing the granules includes the steps of applying molten fertilizer and molten sulfur, simultaneously, to the surface of the fertilizer granules such that the urea and sulfur solidify on the surface of said urea granules forming a layer including fertilizer and crystalline sulfur and then applying molten sulfur alone to the fertilizer-sulfur coated granules such that the sulfur solidifies as a second coating, forming an outer layer including crystalline sulfur, thus enabling the sulfur outer layer to be tightly bound to the fertilizer granules.



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