1987 Young Union Oil 4701555 Methods for removing biuret from urea

The biuret content of biuret-containing urea is reduced by contacting a solution or melt of biuret-containing urea with a polar adsorbent under conditions sufficient to remove at least a portion of biuret from the urea. The resulting biuret-containing adsorbent can be regenerated for further use by contact with a polar desorbent under conditions sufficient to desorb at least a portion of the biuret contained on the adsorbent. Optionally, biuret can be recovered by  recovering the biuret-containing desorbent, and biuret concentration in the desorbent can be increased by recycling the biuret-containing desorbent into contact with biuret-containing adsorbents, and biuret can be recovered from the desorbent by low temperature crystallization.

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