2019 03 Ten Years UreaKnowHow.com

How it began, we go back to summer 2008: Jo Eijkenboom and myself flying to China targeting to sell another project for Stamicarbon…While visiting all these urea plants, we noticed that almost all managers and engineers working in these plants were struggling the same issues and had the same questions…As most of the times, on our trip we discussed technical issues and the business (haha, no worries we also enjoyed our life besides our work) and then a lightbulb idea popped up! Why not organise technical Round Table discussions online and include a Library with urea documents, a Gallery with relevant pictures and movies and distribute Technical Papers ? And why not build up a network of people working all urea plants worldwide and invite expert companies to join the network to promote their products and services as a kind of virtual exhibition. 24 hours per day, 365 days a year people in our urea network could get into contact with each other! This for sure would contribute to improve the safety and performance of all urea plants in the world! UreaKnowHow.com was born in our minds!…


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