10.000 Posts Milestone Realised

Today we have reached 10.000 posts in our Round Tables! The nearly 2.200 Round Table discussions amongst 7.500+ Engineers and Managers in the Nitrogen Fertilizer Industry have led to 10.000 reactions (posts). A truly extensive source of information regarding daily operational and maintenance issues originating directly from the people involved.

We thank our most active Members: Prem Baboo (retired NFL and Dangote Fertilizers), Issa Norozipour (KHPC), Mohamed Farooq (SABIC), Majid Mohammadian (OCI), Kashif Naseem (SABIC), Muhammad Adnan Hanif (FFC), Girish Prakash (YARA), Ahmed Selim (ALEXFERT), Salam Malih (NORTHERN FERTILIZERS) and Syed Al Salman (AGRITECH).

And we specially thank all our Solution Providers take make this initiative possible.

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