1 July 2023: Two workers injured during NH3 Plant Incident

Two workers are currently receiving “tertiary medical care” after being injured during an incident at the Ammonia facility on …
“On Saturday July 1, 2023, an incident occurred at the Ammonia facility on …, during which two contract workers sustained injuries,”
The workers were completing an equipment installation task, as part of the Ammonia facility maintenance turnaround, when the incident occurred. “Both workers received immediate attention from the facility’s on site medical team and the best possible tertiary medical care is subsequently being provided” “The health and safety of its employees and contractors is its utmost priority.”
“A full investigation has been launched to understand the causes of the incident. We are liaising closely with … on the management of this incident and will continue to provide our full support and assistance,” it stated.
… did not reveal the identities of the injured workers.

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