2015 08 Brouwer Producing Urea from Plastic Waste

Energy Recovery Systems Company Ltd. (ERS) (www.ers-ksa.com), a leading Saudi Arabian company in the field of innovative waste recovery and “Waste to Chemicals” chemical production, is planning an ammonia / urea complex in the port in Antwerp, with an investment value of 3.7 billion euros. Expected start up date is 2020. New in this worldwide first of its kind project is the feedstock: Plastic from industrial waste material will be transformed into ammonia and urea, through gasification. The Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO) has looked into the production process in detail and says it puts a smaller burden on the environment than the classic process. Yearly one expects to convert 3.485.000 ton (9500 ton daily in some 50 shipments) industrial, non-recyclable plastic waste into 645.500 ton green ammonia plus 1.231.500 ton green urea, so the ammonia production capacity will be some 4500 mtpd. The plastic waste will original mainly from the United Kingdom. ERS will use the successfully proven Thermoselect® gasification technology, which has been applied earlier to convert waste into syngas. Since 1999 operate seven commercial scale plants in Japan. The Thermoselect® gasification technology has been developed in co-operation with the Swiss company Sinerga.


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