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    EUROTECNICA - The Melamine Technology Leader

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    CASALE - The Innovative Touch

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    BHDT - Excellence in High Pressure

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    MAN - Single Source. Full Spectrum

  • 3-Day Training Program: Specific Process Safety Risks in Ammonia and Urea plants

    3-Day Training Program: Specific Process Safety Risks in Ammonia and Urea plants

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UreaKnowHow.com is an independent group of nitrogen fertilizer specialists with an impressive number of years experience in designing, maintaining and operating nitrogen fertilizer plants. UreaKnowHow.com’s mission is to support, facilitate and promote the exchange of technical information in the urea industry with the target to improve the safety and performance of all nitrogen fertilizer plants worldwide.

Sponsors are companies with a commercial interest in nitrogen fertilizer plants, for example contractors, equipment manufacturers, vendors and suppliers. Also nitrogen fertilizer producers or any other company or organisation who likes to support this initiative is most welcome as a Sponsor.
When you enlist as a Sponsor, you will have access to the largest group of engineers and managers in the nitrogen fertilizer industry working every day with your products, you are able to receive direct feedback from the users of your products and services and you are able to present your latest innovations and developments.

Further you will have your website link on our Sponsor page including several direct links to your own website. And you will be able to present your latest successes on our home page and in our biweekly newsletter. Last but not least UreaKnowHow.com will provide Market Survey Services to all VIP Sponsors.

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Partners are companies or organizations who have a similar mission as UreaKnowHow.com and Consultants or Advisors in the Urea Industry. Partners can participate in Round Table discussions and have full access to the E-Library and Gallery. Also a link to each other websites is available via our Partner page. To become a Partner no costs are involved.

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Risk Registers

Help us to build a Safer work place for our industry

Tech Safety Group, together with AmmoniaKnowHow.com (AKH) and UreaKnowHow.com (UKH) communities, are engaged in developing the Fertilizer Technologies Risk Registers.

Based on a cloud platform the Risk Registers are available to all UKH and AKH Members for consultation, review and input.

The development of these industry specific risk registers is a volunteer process and the purpose is to improve the process safety and risk knowledge in fertilizer plants around the world. We gather our data from various industry sources like: safety bulletins, fertilizer organization articles, site experience and operational input from our members. All information is treated strictly confidential.

We believe the fertilizer industry deserves to increase the accuracy of process safety studies and to be able to answer questions like:

  • Have we missed anything during our safety studies and reviews?
  • Have we covered all the significant risks?
  • Have all prevention and/or mitigation measures been considered?
  • Are we sure, as a project team, that we have done everything possible to reduce risks to As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP) level?
  • Can we demonstrate ALARP to an auditor or government regulator in a concise way?
  • Submitting thousands of pages of Safety Case reports is the industry standard practice, but can we complement that in a better way?

Tech Safety Group specialists cannot answer to all these questions alone, but with the help from UKH and AKH Members we can build a strong environment where all of us can go and look for information.
You can contribute to our efforts with your experience, technical input and process review.

Help us to build a Safer work place for our industry.

Log in as a Member of UreaKnowHow.com or Become a Member to review the cloud version of the Risk Registers here below.

And contact Mark Brouwer (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or Dan Cojocaru (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) if you would like to contribute to the Risk Registers.

Note: Click here to download the Risk Matrix applied

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Risk Registers

- Safety Hazards in Urea Plants: 110
  V15: Three new safety hazards added
Three new safety hazards are added: Carbamate pump motor burnt during start-up, PSV notch discharge carbamate pump released, Condensate splashes injuring operator
- Urea Reactor Safety Hazards: 50
  V8: AXO Welding added as prevention and mitigation measures provider

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- Historic Hazards in Ammonia Plants: 1200+

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